The train journey

I love the old style trains, with the little cabin’s they have – think Harry Potter and the train to hogwarts…

So, I knew Bangladesh would have these kinds of trains, so I really wanted to travel in one, just to be able to sit in a cabin with my friends and look out of the window without being hassled.

From the village, the train station was in another town about 40 minutes away, so me and S got on a bus. I was going to Rangpur to buy gift’s for my family, this was the closest i’d get to a city which might sell trinkets and unique items I could take home, it was about an hour or so away from the village I was staying in. So, I insisted we could take the short hour train ride from the town to Rangpur… and I was really excited.

So, we got on the bus in the village, settled into our seats and “S” says

“Are you sure you want to get the train? I think it will be better for you, if we stay on the bus.”

But, I was insistant, I wanted to go on a train journey, a short one and this was a perfect opportunity and possibly the last chance I would get before I left for home.

So, he agreed…

Waiting at the train station, with hundreds of other people, my excitement died a little when my fears we’re confirmed, ALL these people, would be getting on the same train as me.

Not a problem, I thought, i’ll be able to sit in one of those little cabin things and everything will be fine.

So the train pulled in with people sat on the roof, people sat on the front, people holding onto the windows, you know like in the films.

So, my friends went to find me a seat, me and “S” followed behind. So, I climbed into a carriage and this is what I saw:

Yup, cattle class. Where was my amazing train with the funky individual cabins? Oh, turn’s out they are only on long distance trains, this was a local train because it was only a short journey

So, I managed to find a seat, squeezed in between “S” and some random strangers, which I’m sure they enjoyed far more then I did.

I was happy, I got to experience a train journey and thankfully no one was sick in the carriage and no one fell out of the door or anything horrific like that – amazingly.

But on the way home, I took the bus, because it was better!


One thought on “The train journey

  1. Great post and amazing pictures

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