22nd December 2012

So, with the Mayan end of the world prediction failure, I decided to distract myself and try to help my extremely stressed out sister with her project on Globalisation processes and facilitating modern day slavery.
Well, here is what happened…

Me: “Where is your assignment & grade sheet?”

Sister: ” There isn’t one, there is just the title”

Me: “What do you mean there isn’t one? Where’s the sheet that says what they expect you to include in the essay and what you have to meet to reach certain grades?”

Sister: ” There isn’t one!”

Me: ” So you just expect me to write a 2500 word essay based on this question?”

Sister: ” Yes..”

Me: “How the hell do you do that!”

I must of had it so easy at university. We have assignment sheets, detailing what we we’re meant to do, what to include and a grade sheet showing what criteria we had to meet to each certain grades.

Well, her essay assignment was far to stressful for me, I take my hat off to her and all the students currently at university,

Now where’s my chocolate…..


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