The Kabul Beauty School: Book review

I originally brought this back in 2010, read the first few chapters, then put it onto my shelf and for some unknown reason it has been there, untouched and unread up until last weekend, when it caught my eye. As we have a blanket of the white stuff, I finally got chance to sit down and finish reading.

The story:
Deborah Rodriguez lives in Michigan, USA. After attending disaster relief training with CFAF (Care For All Foundation), she was in one of the first teams to enter Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. Living with Doctors & Dentists, uncertain why the CFAF would send a hairdresser, she soon became  popular with the other aid workers who needed a little pampering every now and again.

Unlike the other aid-workers, Deborah was keen to see the real Afghanistan and fell in love with the country and it’s people and returned to share her skill of hairdressing with the woman of Afghanistan and help them to make Afghanistan a better place.

The book follows her beauty school progress, as well as personal development in learning about the cultural norms,dealing with tribal bickering, red tape, hostility and love.

Personal Perspective:

I loved this book. It shows how one woman can make a massive difference with determination and by thinking outside the box. Deborah is courageous and caring. I can really relate to how some of the cultural norms, she has trouble with being a western woman and having so much freedom compared to some of the women in Afghanistan.

My favourite part of the book has to be where she grabs a machine gun and walks over to the “bad neighbours” to have them arrested and tells the girls from the school to call the police,but know one knows how to call the police.

What I really love is the sister-like bond that is formed between women in Afghanistan. It’s something I really miss living back in the West.


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