Happy new year!

Happy new year to all.
Hope you have a wonderful 2013 with lots of success and happy memories!


Challenge accepted!!

There is a rule at work: Whoever has the last birthday has to organise the collection and presentation of gifts for the next birthday celebration. Well, having been on holiday for a week, I casually missed the next persons birthday, which I wasn’t unhappy about – not because I didn’t want to organise his presentation, but because he was a guy and I hate buying for guys and I don’t have a clue what to buy them. So, it was unfortunate that I missed this persons birthday. But, on Wednesday morning, an email dropped into my inbox asking if I could do the birthday round for another person, unfortunately, this person was also a guy, but unlike the previous guy who I had actually spoken to until he recently moved desks, the person they were now asking me to organise a birthday presentation for- I’ve had hardly any contact with him even though he works at the opposite end of my desk and the only time I hear him talk, Is to accuse us of talking about him behind his back (which I would like to add is total paranoia on his part) or to talk about someone else behind their back. So, great, I’ve got picked. I managed to collect around £13 from our little team (or what’s left of our team) and all I know is he like films, talking about people behind their back and being paranoid and a hyprocindract.

Wow did I find some great gifts for him!!! We all agreed he should be given some kind of medical encyclopaedia. He Randoms comes out with things like “I think my heart has stopped” “OMG I can’t breathe” “I’ve gone deaf” and we’re sure he had a weekly appointment pre booked with the GP. So a Medical encyclopaedia was a good choice. But could I find one that wasn’t aimed at women? No, there was nothing. Disappointed and thinking “I’ll just get him a voucher” suddenly,it was like my call had been heard, sitting at the end of a shelf was * office spy kit – find out what they are saying about you* GENIUS! Then, I found a book about life and a book on insults – PERFECT! And I still had enough left over for a music/ film voucher! Success!!!
The result will be known on Monday en the goods are delivered!

The weekend finale

Finally, I got to see my brother after 5 months. You wouldn’t think we only live an hour apart. So, my brother and his partner came over to visit for my birthday weekend.

They too brought gifts…

Very sweet of them.

The day progressed with a very varied lunch, consisting of Salmon and Lamb, beautifully cooked by my mother.

Then onto a game of wii golf –

because we suck and it’s highly amusing.

To finish off….


Saturday in New Brighton – extended Birthday celebrations

As I posted previously, this week saw my 29th Birthday and due to it falling on a weekday I was waiting for the weekend to celebrate with my family.

Today, was a spur of the moment trip to New Brighton Beach.


Last time I came here, it was like a ghost town. It’s had some money put into it to try and reintroduce some tourism – there’s a travelodge right on the beach front, star bucks & other little cafe’s, a cinema and a Morrisons. As well as the usual seaside arcades and fish and chip shops.

Also went to the Mersey ferry – however it was closed today 😦 but I got a photo anyway


363 days till the big 30!

This week saw my 29th birthday. At work, the day was greeted with lovely banners all around my desk and lots of balloons carefully placed onto my chair- which was really sweet of my work colleagues.

They were also kind enough to buy gifts…

As my birthday fell on a week day this year, I’m having family over to celebrate this weekend, but my mum and sister couldn’t let my birthday day go by without a little celebration cake…


I was taken for a birthday meal by my best friend the night before and another birthday meal the night after.

It’s been more of a birthday week then a birthday day – oh sometimes I really am spoilt!

Happy birthday to all Leo’s!