Your most embarrassing moment…

We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves now and then and sometimes at each other.
So, as a way to spread some laughter, I’d love you to share your most embarrassing story/stories.

I will start with my own…

I’ll never forget the first time I went travelling to Asia and had to use a squat toilet. I was travelling on a coach to Lahore and there was a rest room break.


I strolled into the toilets, looked at this hole in the ground and didn’t understand how to “use” it. This was the first time I’d seen a squat toilet, as most of the hotels had western style toilets.

Casually I strolled back out towards the bus and went to find someone to “help me”.

I found someone, then found a small group of people, then….

there was a roar of giggling and then a line of people squatted down on the ground, to demonstrate what I had to do.

Which was perhaps the most embarrassing moment up until…

Bangladesh in Monsoon season, checked the weather, the sky was clear and the sun was beating down.
Out I stroll in white salwar pants and a white dress…

*Start monsoon downpour*

Oh, I’m also wearing purple underwear.

“Why do you hate me God, why.”

Not even the cover of darkness could cover my redder then the sun face of embarrassment.

So, who else is willing to share??