Travel Theme: Foliage

This week’s travel theme: Foliage courtesy of Where’s my backpack – Check out her blog!

A collection of foliage from my travels…

Walking with ducks:


The river Thames:


Walking on the road to nowhere:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

“One who lives alone, or in solitude; an anchoret; a hermit; a recluse.”

These are perhaps words most people think of upon hearing the word “Solitary” and this is usually reflected in such pictures as the one i’ve chosen here:


Also here:


I’d like to think he’d been sat somewhere deeply thinking quietly in this eerie quiet spot located in a busy city.


Sometimes, I person doesn’t need to be in a solitary position to feel alone.
You put yourself into a completely unknown and unfamiliar place – you can be surrounded by people and feel completely alone at the same time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday life

Krakow – Poland

I can’t remember how I found this shop in Poland, but it was the BEST gift shop in the entire place!!  Totally unique and with the sweetest shop keeper you could ever meet – couldn’t speak a word of English, nor I Polish, but we got by on smiles and gestures.

She let me take a photo of her and her shop.

This is her everyday life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

A wonderful day trip with some of my students (and their friends) to the Indian border.
It was a shame more of the girl’s couldn’t join us, however their parent’s didn’t allow them to travel due to the distance.

I’ve chosen this as my Near and Far photo for two reasons:

1. We were far from the village I was living at the time.

2. These were the students I built the closest friendships with.

Travel Theme: Red

Having read 480 and the 94 Shades of Red I then came across  the “Travel theme: Red” challenge and set off to find photos that contain red.

Which, apparently is a lot harder then I first thought.

I’ve got blues and greens a plenty, but red… well here is what I could find….

From my travels to Lahore, Pakistan:

Lahore Fort: Incredible mosque with some amazing architectural designs


Hand prints of builders of the Islamabad monument:


Train station  – Northern Bangladesh:


And a little something from the United Kingdom:

Liverpool Anglican Church


My inner Scouse

I find it quite strange that being a Mancunian, I actually spend alot of my free time in Liverpool. But I’m sure as long as I don’t run around in my United football top, I don’t think anyone will really mind.


This week I was in Liverpool with my sister who was on a training course, I took the opportunity to re-visit the Cathedrals and if I found time, the docks. We also took our Mother along, because we feel she needs to get out more (plus we knew she would enjoy it once she got there).

The Roman Catholic Cathedral: –


This building is an amazing design don’t get me wrong, but I prefer the inside to the outside.

This wasn’t how the original design was going to look, the plan was to build the tallest Cathedral in Europe (Or was it the UK, can’t quite recall) however, it would of taken 200 years to complete. So, they’d started to build the crypt when they decided they didn’t want to wait 200 years for the finished product. What you see today is the newly designed Cathedral, but you can go and see the Crypt – It really is a must see- it’s absolutely amazing (There is a compulsory £3 charge to enter the Crypt – Sadly, no photos we’re allowed.)

Inside the Cathedral:


The main hall and Alter can be seen in the centre. Then there are dedicated chapel’s and prayer areas going off from the main hall area. (This picture really doesn’t do this place any justice – Blame the iPhone camera!)















The Anglican Cathedral:


The inside of this Cathedral was pretty amazing too.


All the wall decoration you can see, has been carved out of the stone wall, its not been added in front of it. You can’t see the fine detail stuff, but the big arches you can see  in the photo here.. that has been carved out of the stone block.

The most beautiful stain glass windows..


Again, these didn’t really come out very well on my iPhone camera. Apologies for that.

Saturday in New Brighton – extended Birthday celebrations

As I posted previously, this week saw my 29th Birthday and due to it falling on a weekday I was waiting for the weekend to celebrate with my family.

Today, was a spur of the moment trip to New Brighton Beach.


Last time I came here, it was like a ghost town. It’s had some money put into it to try and reintroduce some tourism – there’s a travelodge right on the beach front, star bucks & other little cafe’s, a cinema and a Morrisons. As well as the usual seaside arcades and fish and chip shops.

Also went to the Mersey ferry – however it was closed today 😦 but I got a photo anyway