In memory…

In memory of my loveable cat. Who was very seriously ill and despite having the strength to make it though an operation to remove what we suspect was a tumour, she had to be put down.

I remember bringing you home from RSPCA  rescue centre. You were such a young cat then, so pretty and just a little bit crazy.
In the car, you hated the box, I know. You were so keen to meet with us, that you kept putting your paw out of the cage holes at the front and onto the nearest lap you could reach. We stroked your paw and said “soon we’ll be home” and then you retrieved your paw for a few minutes, meow a lot and then repeat the process.

When we got home, we showed you where you could and couldn’t go, where your food and water bowls were and your territory within the confinements of the front and back garden and beyond.

You gave us many memorable moments: like when you would sprint around the house for no reason about two or three times, then stop at your bowl and meow.
When we accidentally left the kitchen door open at night time and you came upstairs and sat on the landing tells us you wanted feeding, then you upped the game and sneak into a bedroom and awake the occupier before shooting down the stairs because you knew you weren’t allowed upstairs and then you would sit looking innocently by your bowl before gracefully strolling up and rubbing around our legs.

Accidentally leaving all the doors open downstairs and while we were out, you’d sleep on the sofa and then spring off when you saw us come in.

Protecting your territory: In your younger days, if you spied another cat in the garden, you’d shoot out of your cat door and challenge it.

There were sad moments too. We came home from school one day and your tail was bleeding. We gave you some food and when you tried to curl your tail to sit down and eat it, you meowed alot to let us know how much it hurt. We took you to the vet and left you for a few days and then you came home – without a tail 😦

We never knew what happened to your tail. The vet suspected a dog got it or you got it trapped somewhere.

You adjusted well and grow older. You were less and less concerned with other cats in your garden or the birds, you slept alot – under your tree in the garden, on the window ledge, in the corner of the garage. These were your favourite spots. You had a seasonal favourite spot too, under the Christmas tree – every year we’d watch you navigate under it, watching it wobble but never fall over. It was your skill no doubt.

As you got older, you pushed the boundaries on the rules. You’d think nothing of sleeping on the sofa, up to the point where we brought you a blanket for you to sleep on. You abandoned the cat bed and found new beds in a number of places – the old car mats were one of your favourite places, also under the radiators or if you managed to get into the lounge to the sofa.

At dinner times, you’d sit as close to our feet as you could get in case we dropped some food. We’ll also never forget how you loved those treat sticks we gave you and which you’d gobble up in seconds, it was so cute – We wonder if that was what caused your illness to begin with. If that was the case, we are so so sorry 😦

2010 came, I was off work sick after my accident and you came home after having your tumour removed and you always came on the sofa and kept me company and give me cuddles while watching TV.

Then in the April, we came downstairs and you weren’t their to greet us at the door like usual. Instead you were laying down by your bowl. When you saw us you got up, walked a few steps and then laid down again. I put you on your mat but you couldn’t stand up and you were struggling to breathe. We knew it was time to let you go. Daddy drove home from where he works 4 hours away to come say bye to you.

It was a very sad time 😦

We hope you haven’t forgot us where ever you are now, be sure we will never forget you ❤

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