Travel Theme: Foliage

This week’s travel theme: Foliage courtesy of Where’s my backpack – Check out her blog!

A collection of foliage from my travels…

Walking with ducks:


The river Thames:


Walking on the road to nowhere:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

“One who lives alone, or in solitude; an anchoret; a hermit; a recluse.”

These are perhaps words most people think of upon hearing the word “Solitary” and this is usually reflected in such pictures as the one i’ve chosen here:


Also here:


I’d like to think he’d been sat somewhere deeply thinking quietly in this eerie quiet spot located in a busy city.


Sometimes, I person doesn’t need to be in a solitary position to feel alone.
You put yourself into a completely unknown and unfamiliar place – you can be surrounded by people and feel completely alone at the same time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday life

Krakow – Poland

I can’t remember how I found this shop in Poland, but it was the BEST gift shop in the entire place!!  Totally unique and with the sweetest shop keeper you could ever meet – couldn’t speak a word of English, nor I Polish, but we got by on smiles and gestures.

She let me take a photo of her and her shop.

This is her everyday life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

A wonderful day trip with some of my students (and their friends) to the Indian border.
It was a shame more of the girl’s couldn’t join us, however their parent’s didn’t allow them to travel due to the distance.

I’ve chosen this as my Near and Far photo for two reasons:

1. We were far from the village I was living at the time.

2. These were the students I built the closest friendships with.

Travel Theme: Red

Having read 480 and the 94 Shades of Red I then came across  the “Travel theme: Red” challenge and set off to find photos that contain red.

Which, apparently is a lot harder then I first thought.

I’ve got blues and greens a plenty, but red… well here is what I could find….

From my travels to Lahore, Pakistan:

Lahore Fort: Incredible mosque with some amazing architectural designs


Hand prints of builders of the Islamabad monument:


Train station  – Northern Bangladesh:


And a little something from the United Kingdom:

Liverpool Anglican Church